We have created many positive experiences for children which includes aid to attend activities such as:
  • Therapeutic riding camps;
  • Dance school;
  • Swimming lessons;
  • A variety of summer camps;
  • Recreational sports programs;
  • Drivers education
  • Membership to community recreation center

In addition, we have been able to offer emergency relief to those affected by fire or families on the brink of homelessness as well as provide necessities for children and families in need. Over the years, we've been able to support hundreds of individual requests such as:
  • Therapeutic items - not be covered under insurance (including sensory tools such as weighted blankets, vests, crash pads, yoga balls, pods, rocking chair);
  • Home essentials (crib, beds, mattress, bedding, dressers, desks, air purifier, microwave, refrigerator, door alarms)
  • Hygiene supplies
  • New clothes, shoes, sneakers and school uniforms;
  • Sports equipment
  • Prom dress
  • Reprint of government documents such as birth certificates and reissue of licenses
  • Emergency alert blanket
  • Transportation
  • Gift cards between $50-100 to purchase groceries at local grocery stores;

And finally, many children and families were beneficiaries of our two larger initiatives:
  • Over 300+ children benefited from our 2019 Back-to-School supply drive and
  • Hundreds were able to receive gifts of toys, electronics, clothing and hygiene products from our Shop for a Child in Need event held the week before Christmas.

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